Tomasz Kondracki, PhD, Doctor of Dental Surgery

Master in Fixed Prosthetics and Implantology – University Paris VI
Clinical assistant in the Institut of Dentistry, CHU Pitié -
Salpêtrière in Paris.
Currently practicing in the dental office in Warsaw, street Dobra 11
Welcomes you to his web site and invites you to explore it.
This site is designed to present my clinical practice.

Health education and prevention

In my dental practice the health education  comes spontaneously and naturally as a part of my open communication between me and my patients. That includes especially the instruction on the appropriate oral hygiene, as well as the clear explanation of the relation cause-effect of the dental problems and the information about different therapeutic procedures.

The patient’s education is so important because well informed patient  is:


  • conscious - patient perceives the present and future problems of oral health;
  • motivated- patient understands the therapeutic effectiveness and believes in the importance of regular check-ups and prophylaxis
  • confident- patient observes a long term results of the treatment;
  • oyal- patients are satisfied with their dental care.

Sharing my knowledge and experience with you is not only my obligation, but also a part of pleasure of doctor-patient relation. So, ask so many questions as you wish, even if you think that they are not important! Don’t neglect your own oral health! It won’t take much of your time, but might contribute significantly to the success of the prophylaxis or the treatment.